Thirukkural Music Course

Online Thirukkural Music Course

About Thirukkural

Thirukkural, the ancient Tamil non-religious, poetical treatise on code of ethics for life, was authored during the Sangam period of South India, around 2nd century BCE and consists of 1330 rhyming Tamil couplets that codifies valuable lessons for life with principles that are universal to mankind through time immemorial. Thirukkural, a masterpiece of Tamil literature was authored by poet Thiru Valluvar, has been translated in 82 world languages, are time immemorial.

Online Thirukkural Music Course

RagaChitra is proud to offer lessons to sing Thirukkural, set to music, as an online course.

The course consists of several modules and each module will cover one chapter of  10 couplets or verses. Each module will be offered as a separate course.

Duration of Each Course and Each Class

Each module will consist of FIVE class sessions (classes) of 30 minutes of duration. Classes will be offered once a week.

Course Eligibility

The couplets are set to music in a simple style. Anyone with a passion to learn Thirukkural and music is eligible to enroll! Learners of all ages, with or without knowledge of carnatic music, will find this course interesting and useful. Knowledge of Tamil language is not necessary as the course material includes Thirukkural couplets and explanations in English and Tamil.

Course Modules

Current Course:

  • Module 1 –  Kadavul Vazhthu – Invocation – Chapter 1 – 05 April, 2020 to 03 May, 2020

Schedule for the following modules will be announced

  • Module 2 – Anbudaimai – Love – Kindness – Chapter 8
  • Module 3 – Eegai – Charity – Chapter 23
  • Module 4 – KaLLaamai – Absence of fraud – Chapter 29
  • Module 5 – Vaaimai – Truthfulness – Chapter 30
  • Module 6 – Inna Seyamai – Non-Violence – Chapter 32
  • Module 7 – Arivudamai – Wisdom – Chapter 43

More modules will be added and updated.

Course Director

Thrukkural music course is taught by Nivedita ShivRaj.

Nivedita ShivRaj is a pioneer and professional musician in carnatic music. She composes original music and leads the award-winning world music/carnatic jazz band “Charanams“. Nivedita ShivRaj is a favorite carnatic musician in the USA and has presented concerts in prestigious stages and events, including New York Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Museum of Arts, New York Botanical Garden, and Carnegie Hall. She has been in the panel of judges in Queens Council on the Arts and is the first and the only carnatic musician to have been awarded the coveted Con Edison Residency for original carnatic music compositions.

See this page to learn more about Nivedita ShivRaj.

Course Material

Course material for this course includes lyrics for couplets in both English & Tamil and audio recordings.

Course Fee

Fee for each module is $75 for all five sessions of the module.

Class Schedule

Module 1 –  Kadavul Vazhthu – Invocation – Chapter 1
  • Sundays – 10 am EST / 9 am CST / 8am MST / 7 am PCT
  • April 05, 2020 to May 03,  2020.

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Confirmation email for registration will be sent by Ragachitra in 2 business days.

Module 2 – Anbudaimai-Love-Kindness-Chapter 8

  • Sundays-10 am EST/9 am CST/8am MST/7 am PCT
  • 10, May, 2020 to 28 June,  2020

Schedules for other modules will be updated shortly.

Internet and Device Requirement for the course

This is an online course and classes are offered on Google Hangout Meet.

Students will need:

  1. a reliable internet connection
  2. suitable device such as a PC, laptop or tablet
  3. gmail id to sign up for lessons

Music for Thirukkural

Music for the Thirukkural verses has been composed by vocalist and vainika, Nivedita ShivRaj. The Kurals are set to music based on carnatic ragams . In the year 2016, Nivedita ShivRaj won the individual grant award, from the Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC, through Queens Council on the Arts, spearheading the project of composing music for Thirukkural.  This is an ongoing project.

(See this video of Thirukkural presented  by Nivedita Shivraj) for QCA Project and this video of Thirukkural at Tamil Church on the occasion of unveiling of the first Thiruvalluvar Statue in the USA.)